How do I validate my domain?

Validating your domain will improve the deliverability of your emails. Email service providers (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, etc ) are less likely to send your emails into spam if they see that the 'From email address' is associated with a domain. 

To validate your domain follow these steps:

1. Click the dropdown next to your name and select Settings

2. Click on Domains

3. Add your domain to the text box and click 'Add Domain'. Do not add your full URL. For example, if we wanted to validate the SendFox website, we would use and not our full URL that is

4. When you have added the URL, click on the 'Validate'  button that will appear in the new table with your domain. 

5. You will be redirected to a page with CNAME entries that you will need to copy into your web host's DNS settings. Each web host provider is different so we recommend checking their knowledge base for instructions on how to add CNAME entries to your DNS settings. If your web host is GoDaddy, Google or NameCheap, you will need to remove your domain from the Host column in order to validate (for more details click here). 

6. Once you have inserted your CNAME details into your web host's DNS settings, go back to your SendFox account and click on the orange Validate button below your CNAME entries.

If you need any additional assistance with this, feel free to reach out to our Support team at or your provider.

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