How can I create an Automation?

Watch this video or follow the steps below:


In SendFox, go to the Automations tab at the top and select ‘Create Automation Series’

After selecting the ‘Create Automation Series’ button, you will be prompted to a box that will ask you to select a list in order to get your automation series started. If you haven’t done so already, please go back to the Lists tab and create a List.

Once you have selected a list, click OK. Then, select the envelope button that appears after the trigger:

You will then be redirected to a page to draft your first email to be sent once your new contact has been added to a specific mailing list.

SendFox uses a WYSIWYG EDITOR, so you will probably be familiar with how to edit the formatting of this email. SendFox also allows you to easily copy & paste information from any files

We have personalization fields that you can utilize. See below:

{{}} - Display the email of the recipient.

{{contact.first_name}} - Display the first name of the recipient.

{{contact.last_name}} - Display the last name of the recipient.

Once, you are satisfied with how your first email of the Automation looks in SendFox, simply click Save in the top right corner.

Go back to your Automation page. Here you can decide how long you would like to delay this email. If you would like the email to be sent instantaneously, simply select 0 hours.

From there, you can further segment customers into lists depending on different criteria (such as clicking on a link to subscribe to your podcast). You will only need to select the white button with the tag.

To continue sending another email in this series click the grey button with the envelope.

After all of these steps, remember to save your automation.

In the automations dashboard, you can go back and edit automation by clicking on its name.

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